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  • What can I use a steel buildings for?
    Steel buildings can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Anything from RV covers, storage buildings and even hybrid homes can be created with a custom Plateau Metal Building.
  • What type of foundation do I need?
    Before we begin your metal building construction, your site will be cleared and leveled. We are a crushed base # 2 retailer and will view your site during the quotation process to insure the proper foundation will be placed.
  • Can I order a completely custom metal building?
    Yes! We offer our customers the option of creating a completely custom, one-of-a-kind building. You can even create the customer metal building online at the 3D design tool on the Mueller, Inc. Website by clicking here. We offer custom features to statisfy any need or purpose.
  • Are metal buildings more economical than other structures?
    Yes, steel buildings are typically more affordable than other choices, they are also faster to build which saves time and money. Metals buildings are less up-keep and outperforms other material choices as well such as wood.
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